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 ATLA FANfiction- No Where is Too Far Toph

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PostSubject: ATLA FANfiction- No Where is Too Far Toph   Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:58 pm

Just something I decided to write at the last few days of Summer, and then finish sometime in September. Anyways, this is my first ever FINISHED fanfic, so I'd like so criticism and stuff so I can continue to improve. I'll give dish out two chapters this time, but later only one chapter updates wink wink

No Where is too Far Toph

Summary- It has been 5 years since the Gaang broke up and went their seperate ways. Toph left Aang with her heart before she left. Will he be able to give her his too? Also, why are there so many dangers when all the Gaang is trying to do is to get to the Fire Nation for a vacation? Taang 100% Rated T

Chapter one

A young woman smirked as she finished dressing up. She clipped

her shoulderpad's buckle and pulled on a pair of jet black gloves.

"After all these years, it'll be nice to see the gang again."

"Toph, your ride is here." a voice called.

Toph earthbended away her tent to face her wolf ride. The wolf was the size of Appa and had beautiful white fur.

"Hey Iceila. How have you been girl?" The said wolf nuzzled Toph affectionately. Toph climbed into a saddle on the creature's back and called "Let's go". The graceful beast bounded it its given direction. Toph then made a face.

"But why did we have to meet in Ba Sing Se of all places?"


Katara fondly put on a larger version of her water tribe attire before the end of the war. After that, she put on a light black cloak and placed her trusty water pouch onto her belt. Then the door to her room opened and she turned to face the "intruder".

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" Katara asked playfully.

"How long will you be gone?" Zuko stated more than questioned. Katara sighed and went on to put on her shoes.

"How many times do I have to tell you? It'll take at least 4 days to even make it to the Earth Kingdom borders. Then from there on, it'll take at least a week to get to Ba Sing Se. In other words, I'll be gone for at least 2 weeks."

"Two weeks?! But what about Eileen? She'll be lonely, and who's going to take care of her?" Zuko flared.

"Oh please. If there's anyone that could do a great job it's you. Unless," Katara said with a mischievious grin. "you're saying that the great Fire Lord can't handle his own daughter."

"Of course I can handle it!" Zuko retorted before he could stop himself.

"Good," Katara said with a smile, done with dressing up. "I'll be back as fast as I can. You better have the palace ready by the time I get back. My friends are coming over."
Katara slammed the door before Zuko could even start complaining.

"Oh and Uncle Iroh, can you watch my daughter while I'm gone? I don't want her to develop her father's insensitive and impatient nature."

The said man let out a hearty laugh as Katara left for the palace's exit. "Sure thing Katara. Don't worry about a thing."
Eileen, a cute girl of age 4 came running out of her room. She had long dark brownish hair like her mother, but her bangs ruffled up like her fathers. She had inheritted her father's golden eyes, but they lacked his mean look. Her skin was in between her parents, and she stood about 3 feet and a half tall besides her uncle. Iroh grinned evilly and took her hand.

"Eileen, have you ever ridden a komodo rhino before?"


Sokka sighed and checked all of his belongings. Yep, everything he needed was already packed.

"Hey Suki, you okay there?"

He was referring to a Suki that seemed to be buried under a pile of baby supplies and clothes.

"Of course I am," Suki said in a slightly higer-pitched than usual voice. Sokka stood up and went over to Suki.

"Calm down Suki. It's not like we didn't go through this before. Everything's going to be okay," Sokka said then pulled Suki into a reassuring hug. "Besides, Aang's coming to pick us up, so we won't have to put any strain on you or our new baby okay?"

"Thanks Sokka," Suki said. "I really needed that.

"Suddenly, Sokka was tackled by someone . "Ahhh!" Sokka yelled as he crashed onto the floor. Suki giggled.

"Aang's here daddy, and so is his huge fluffy bison!"

"Thanks Leela. Help daddy get our things okay?" Sokka said lovingly, stroking his daughter's hair. Leela was a pretty young girl, with her big blue eyes and her short light brown hair. Her skin was a nice shade of peach, and her smile was the cutest thing (or at least Sokka thought so) in the world. Sokka wondered if she had inheritted some of Aang's genes.
Leela leapt off her dad and went to get her stuff. Suki had already greeted the said Avatar at the door.

"Aang! It's great to see you! How has our great Avatar been?"

"You know, lots of work to do but still keeping an upbeat attitude!"
Sokka moved to his wife's side, and gasped at the sight of his old friend. Aang was now a few inches taller than him; Sokka guessed that's what happened when you haven't seen your friend for 5 years. His face had become sharper and less preteen looking, but his grey eyes still laughed and danced like his old self. He had developed strong arms and a manly torso. He now wore a robe similar to the one Sokka remembered he had worn durin the invasion of the Fire Nation, and had on a necklace similiar to Gyatso's as well. Except instead of having a bead necklace with only the Air symbol on it, Aang had a bead for each of the nations on his. His voice was also considerably deeper.

"Wow Aang. You've grown A LOT." Sokka muttered dumbly.

"Haha I know. It's kinda weird, being taller than you now."

Then a familiar chittering sound filled the air. Aang happily lifted his arm for Momo to land on. Suki reached out a hand and started to stroke Momo's head.

"Good to see you Momo! You've grown too."

"Come on," Sokka said, going back to his house on Kyoshi Island. "We should get going. We have a long way to go."

"You're right Sokka," Aang agreed. "Here, let me get your stuff."

Aang airbended all of the family's supplies into Appa. Appa eyed Sokka and gave him a huge lick.

"Appa," Sokka muttered. "Now YOU haven't changed A BIT."


Poppy let out a soft sigh and continued writing her letter. A few years before, Xin Fu and Master Yu finally managed to get back from their search. Of course, no Toph was caught. Poppy remembered her husband's frustration and bewilderment at the hired men's failure as well as the supposed tale of his daughter being able to bend metal.

"Oh Toph, why won't you come home. I really don't understand why you continue to make us worry. I mean, what don't we offer you?"

She finally put her ink pen down and sealed er letter in an envelope. She called a servant to mail it, and walked to Toph's bedroom.
Suddenly, a dark figure jumped behind Poppy and put a set of steel claws to her throat.

"No, I'm afraid you really don't understand. You and your husband are coming with me."


Toph took a big gulp of water from her supplies and chewed on some nuts. Next to her, Iceila ate some meat. A chill suddenly ran through her and she gasped. Iceila's ears perked up and she gazed worringly at her companion.

"Iceila, I think something bad happened," Toph sensed her companion's concern. "But I don't know what it is."

Iceila got up and Toph quickly got her supplies and put out her campfire. She felt the sun's rays on her right arm.
"It's almost night time Icei. Let's get a little more traveling done before we settle down okay?"
Her steed only growled a response as it ran. Toph's sea foam eyes narrowed at the feel of dread she had just felt a few moments ago. Did something happen to any of her friends?

A/N - Just a small cliffhanger here, and an introduction to the story. Hope you liked it! R & R.


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PostSubject: Re: ATLA FANfiction- No Where is Too Far Toph   Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:59 pm


Chapter 2

Iroh smiled as he carried a sleeping Eileen on his back. He had indeed kept his word. He had brought Eileen riding on a komodo rhino; thank Agni however that he didn't actually cause any real damage. He was glad that his niece-in-law (A/N I have no idea what Eileen would be to Iroh) enjoyed herself.
As they arrived at the young one's room, Iroh bumped into his nephew. Zuko's expression was serene, but Iroh knew that he was fuming about something.

"I know I know," Iroh started. "This looks mighty suspicious, but it's not what you think my nephew."

"Uh-huh" Zuko said in an icy tone. "And perhaps you know why one of my komodo rhinos were missing today."

"Perhaps I do," Iroh replied back, ignoring Zuko's angry eyebrow twitches. "But how did your day go. Anything new happen?"

"As a matter in fact," Zuko said. "Something did. A new person had come to our palace today. She supposedly wanted to talk to me."

"Let's continue this conversation after I put your daughter down please? I'm getting no younger each day."

The two men walked into the small cozy room that was Eileen's, and Zuko took her from his uncle's back and tucked her in. Then they exited and continued talking as they walked down the immense hallway.

"Her name was Alavia I heard," Zuko explained. "Supposedly some of my officials arranged a meeting for her with me tomorrow. Mai came and told me herself."

"Alavia is it? Sounds very foreign."

"I know. Should I let her see me Uncle?"

"Of course," Iroh smiled. "Sharing a nice conversation with a stranger is one of life's greatest delights. Hear what she has to say. This is a time of peace and prosperity for everyone, so don't worry yourself."

"Okay then," Zuko said nonchalantly. "I'm going to retire then."

"You do just that my nephew. A man needs his rest."

As Zuko continued on to his sleeping chamber, Iroh whispered to himself. "And I'll always have your back my nephew."

"Sokka! It's great to see you!" Katara practically squealed as she hugged her brother.

It had already been 2 weeks when Katara finally spotted Appa in Ba Sing Se. They had planned to meet in their original home there, but Katara happened to bump into the group early. She guesses that her trip would take a lot longer than she had told Zuko, but she let it drift out of her mind for now.

"Suki! How are you doing? Is my brother being nice to you and the baby?"

"Haha, don't worry Katara. Everything's perfectly fine."

Katara then faced Aang. An awkward feeling went through them. They ran to give each a hug, but even that was a little awkward.
"Hey Aang um," Katara mumbled nervously. "I-"

"No, no. It's over now. It's just great to see you," Aang replied firmly. "Really."

"You've really grown," Katara said, raising her eyebrows. "I think you're taller than Zuko now."

Aang grinned. "I'm sure he won't like that very much."
Katara grinned back then ran to hug Appa, who grunted a greeting back.
"Hey Katara, I was wondering if you've seen Toph anywhere yet." Sokka asked. Katara had just lifted Leela down from the huge flying bison. Sokka and Katara kept close tabs on each other; they hadn't seen they're other friends for long periods of time, but they still kept each other updated daily.

"No, I was hoping that you've seen her around."

Aang's face hung a bit. "I actually thought that she'd be here first, considering."
They decided to walk the small distance to their old house when suddenly s familiar, although slightly deeper voice yelled out "ROCK LIKE!".
A huge pillar of rock popped up in front of the approaching group. Aang smirked and pounded his foot into the ground and split the rock pillar into smithereens.

"It's great to see you Sifu Toph." Aang called as the dust began to clear up.
"Same to you Twinkle Toes."

As the dust cleared, everyone gasped at the figure before them. Toph had definitely transformed equally as much as Aang had. She was very tall ; only a few inches shorter than Aang. She had developed a nice bosom as well as some nice legs. Her arms were still pretty muscular as were her legs, but they only accented Toph's beauty. Her eyes were still the same Toph, but have definitely developed a certain foxy look. Her outfit consisted of a brown sleeveless polo with a pair of green short skirt-pants. Beneath her clothing, she had countless white bandages wrapping around her arms, hands, chest, and thighs. She had her hair in a messy loose bun held up by a small headband (instead of pom poms she now had streamers on each side) and two jade green chopsticks. On her arms and calves were bands; extra support for her arms while holding leather together on her calves. Her feet were still bare though, though Aang wondered when he had started to love that small thing about Toph. Lastly, a shoulderpad with the Earth Kingdom symbol on it graced her left shoulder; and from the strap that was tied around her shoulder lay a sheath for a dagger.
"Hey," Toph said, even though she was enjoying the attention for once and the seriously sweating Aang. "Are we going to go into the house or not?"

"Wow Toph. You really have.. changed." Katara said to her old friend. Suki nodded besides her. Toph only smiled and replied a shy thanks. Katara looked bewildered at this humble display.
"Was um, puberty hard for you?" Katara continued.

"Haha. Actually," Toph said, regaining some of her original personality back. "It wasn't that hard. I mean, I obviously had to go for an outfit change but that wasn't so bad. But the time of month thing was definitely a huge change and pain in the butt."

Katara and Suki giggled and nodded at this.

"So how has married life been for the both of you?" Toph asked with a smirk.
"It's quite nice actually. I mean, I have Eileen," Katara explained. "And Suki has Leela. They're really good friends too."
Aang gazed at the group of girls chattering away and sighed. He had hoped to get a little chatting done with Toph, but apparently no luck. He gave himself a quick glance at Toph and felt a blush creep up his face.
"She has really become very pretty..." Aang whispered to himself.
Toph, for a moment, looked over at Aang with a smirk on her face. She winked. Aang sweatdropped and knew he was caught.
"Aang!" a voice called to him from outside.
Aang breathed a sigh of relief as he heard Leela's voice calling him. His sixth sense felt Toph's disappointment as he exited, although what it was directed at, he didn't know.

"Excuse me," Toph directed to Katara and Suki. "I need to take a walk. Someone wants to talk to me."
Katara and Suki exchanged knowing glances. Toph,despite herself, felt nervousness creep into her heart. She knew where Aang was, but years of growth have definitely made it difficult for them to get along as they had used to. She opened their house’s doors to step into the serene night. She felt Aang and Leela nearby, so she quickly ran over to their vibrations.

“Hey Aang?” Leela asked. “You know something about firebending right?”
Toph snorted at the question, but didn’t butt in yet. Aang merely smiled.
“Well I am the Avatar,” Aang chuckled. “Why do you ask?”
“I think daddy’s a firebender,” Leela said with sparkling eyes. “It’s like I can just feel it!”
Toph raised an eyebrow. Sokka,a firebender?
“Wow Leela,” Aang said with a smile. “You could replace Guru Pathik!”
“Who’s that?”
“He was a close friend of my teacher,” Aang explained. “He was also the one who taught me how to control the Avatar state.”
“How do you do that?”

“Hey Twinkle Toes,” Toph said. “Wanted to talk to me?”

Aang nodded before he could stop himself. Toph rolled her eyes at Aang forgetting that she was blind, but she knew he meant well. Leela kindly ran past Toph and went back into the house, leaving the two people alone.
“So...” Toph began.
“You’ve grown... a lot,” Aang commented. “Er.. in more ways than one.”
“I know I have,” Toph said, a smirk beginning to form. “But I don’t know how much you’ve had. Maybe I can find out?”
Aang blushed at Toph’s straightforwardness.
“Th-that won’t be necessary. Eh-heh-heh.”
“Your heartbeats tell differently Twinkle Toes.”
Oh crap. She can see right through everyone. Aang thought.
Toph reached out a strong hand to touch Aang’s face.
“Wow Twinkle Toes,” Toph remarked. “Your 12 year old face is completely gone isn’t it?”
“Most of it,” Aang chuckled. “I’m still bald, have an arrow, and have the same gray eyes.”
Toph punched him lightly (or at least what she considered lightly) in the arm.
“Like I can really tell,” Toph said, although Aang heard no real resentment. “So is that all you’re going to say to me?”
“N-no... I-” Aang started.
“Spit it out TT (Aang cringed at the abbreviation). I don’t have all night.”
“I-I l-” Aang tried to say.
“Toph! Toph!” a voice called. The two teenagers snapped out of their conversation to face a worried Katara.
“A letter just arrived and it’s from you mom, but there’s something else.”
Toph felt Katara’s worried vibrations and took the scroll from her. Her sensitvie fingers told her the message in the letter.
Hm, so much like my overall protective parents. Toph thought sarcastically. But then her fingers traced foreign characters.
“My parents have been kidnapped!” Toph exclaimed, panic racing through her body.

A/N - Pretty uneventful except for the ending. Anyways, I loved writing about they characters once they were older ^^, especially Toph and Aang. The design of her outfit just came to my head one day when I was doddling. Oh, and “Alavia” is pronounced al-e-via, so I just wanted to clear that up. She’s the first OC in this story that has a mentioned name. Another one of my OCs is mentioned in the first chapter, but she’s not given a name. All will become clear about them later ^^ I’m really excited! Well, that’s enough for now. Tune in next time and plz R&R.
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PostSubject: Re: ATLA FANfiction- No Where is Too Far Toph   Thu Oct 25, 2007 6:43 pm


Chapter 3

"Daies, are you alright?"

Poppy shook her husband awake.

"Poppy dear, where are we?" Daies asked as he got up.

"It appears to be an abandoned shack."

"Well it's technically not anymore."a voice said.
The couple hugged each other in fear.
"Who are you?"

"I am Kin."

Kin stepped out of the darkness. She was very tall and very pretty. She had a light frame and nice woman curves everywhere. Her long green hair was held up by a huge hair clip tied to the back of her head. Her skin was very pale, and only accented the eerie seagreen stripes all over her body. She had on a turquoise bra and a translucent green poncho on her upper body. On her lower body, she wore short dark blue tights and a torn-up looking piece of aqua-green cloth was tied aorund her slim waist. Her brown boots reached up to her knees, which were covered up by black bandages. On her left hand was a glove that held her steel claw weapon. But the most surprising thing about her were her eyes. They were foggy white, and hardly blinked.
“Are you blind?” Poppy asked incredously.

“As a matter in fact, yes.” Kin answered.
Such a thing as being frightened and kidnapped by a blind girl suddenly became preposterous.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Kin said annoyed. “You think just because I’m a blind girl, I’m completely helpless and weak, and incapable of doing anything you people can do.” Poppy and Daies nodded their agreement.

“Then how are you guys here?” Kin badgered, annoyance dripping out from her words.
“Someone else did it of course.” Daies said feebly.
“You two have no idea how idiotic you are.” Kin replied.
Kin snapped her fingers and a shadow suddenly appeared behind her. The couple heard an angry growl and saw a pair of glowing blue eyes. Then they saw a huge black creature in front of them. It was canine in shape, but had white stripes all over its jet black body like a tiger would have. Kin “looked” at the beast lovingly and stroked it’s muzzle.
“This is Sinfayla, my tiger wolf,” Kin explained. “She’s a special companion of mine. She was given to me by the gods from where I come from. I can see through her eyes as well as-”

“SEE! SEE! You DO depend on something.” Daies excitedly yelled out.
He suddenly collasped to the ground. Kin had smacked him. HARD.
“Don’t you dare call my Sinfala a thing,” Kin whispered dangerously. “She’s worth a million times more than you. I wanted her to provide you food and comfort, but you don’t deserve it.”
Kin softly ushered out Sinfayla.
“We continue our journey tomorrow. Get some sleep because you’ll need it.” Kin said icily.
Poppy and Daies remained where they were as Kin walked out. Their stomachs growled, but they knew they could do nothing about it. They dusted the floor pointlessly and tried to sleep.
Sinfayla whimpered softly against Kin, who has seated herself against a tree nearby to the shack where Toph’s parents now slept.
“I’m sorry for my outburst,” Kin said, patting her companion’s head. “But you’re too important to me for such deragotory terms.
Kin rested on Sinfayla’s broad back. She felt the air rustle the leaves on the tree behind her.
“I see through the leaves and trees,” Kin whispered to herself. “I don’t need real eyesight.”


Toph restlessly moved around in the Gaang’s house in Ba Sing Se. She couldn’t sleep.
“Damn it.” Toph muttered, knowing how pointless it was to do so. She stood up from her friends and stared blankly out at the sky. Her parents were kidnapped! Of all things that could be happening right now, when she had finally met up with her friends again. Now that the war had ended, it didn’t seem possible. Plus, considering how much time has passed, her parents have been ripped from their lavish lifestyle for more than two weeks. She knew they couldn’t survive that for a day.
But on a side note, she believed that they deserved it, them being their jerky selves. But despite all her secret spite, she knew they were her parents. She did care for them; it was her responsibility to be a good daughter to them. They did bring her to the world. Without them, she never would have discovered the joys of earthbending, going on adventures, making friends....

And she never would have met him. Twinkle Toes.. no, Aang.

Toph let the blush rising within her surface on her pale face. When she was growing up, she believed that she would never like anyone in that special way, her parents not even letting her out and all. She had expected that she’d marry some ugly guy and live miserably forever after.
However, she had felt in debt to Aang when he had freed her from her prisonhole, and she liked him a lot afterwards. Sure, they started on the wrong foot, but whose relationship was perfect anyways? But that feeling of “like” had definitely evolved over the course of their adventure. Aang always treated her as an equal; even when she had needed real help from her friends, Aang has never teased her about it nor had he shown unnecessary pity. Aang had brought fear to her when she had first encountered him because he knocked her off her feet, literally. But now he brought the one thing she had always wanted: freedom. Now that deserved proper thanks on behalf of the girl.
But sadly, she had to keep her distance from the monk throughout their journey. She knew of his crush on Katara when she had just started traveling. Toph wasn’t one to give up, but she wasn’t one to prompt any unwanted feelings either. That was probably why she and Katara didn’t get along at first; she couldn’t stand the sight of their cutesy relationship and how Aang couldn’t tell the other girl about how much he liked her. Beneath her harsh words for the water tribe girl was actually sad jealousy and strangely enough, motivation. Toph wanted Katara to know her thoughts, but half of her also wanted Katara to make Aang happy. Then as Toph found out, Katara was actually quite nice, as well as powerful, so she forgave the older girl and allowed Aang to continue his quest for her. But she knew a part inside her never gave up on the young Avatar.
Then she considered going after Sokka, someone who seemed pretty quick on his feet (meaning his brains for plans) and someone who understood the concept of sarcasm. Also, she had never met someone who put up so much with her. But then Suki came along, and Toph would feel the two lovers’ heartbeats go up. Toph knew she couldn’t butt in. Sokka fell for looks, which Toph believed no one saw in her at the time. She also forgave Suki after she rescued her from drowning; she knew Sokka had found a nice strong person to love and to be with. Besides, Sokka kept on forgetting she was blind (like in the desert, like the time they fought the huge drill), and that was one thing Toph really didn’t appreciate about Sokka. Oh well, having him as a big brother that she never had was pretty nice in its own way.
But then Zuko and Iroh had joined their strange little family for a short period of time. That was when Toph had discovered that Katara harbored feelings for the prince. Strong ones too. As much as she hated herself for it, she felt absolutely elated when this occurred. She could finally try to get Aang to notice her. Aang, on the other hand, let out depressed vibrations wherever he went, and that broke her heart. Then they had prepared for the upcoming battle with the Firelord, and Toph sealed all these confusing feelings up. Not long afterwards, everything came to a close, and people went their own ways. She was the last one to leave Aang, partially because her home was them furthest from the Fire Nation and partially because she wanted to keep Aang as close as possible to her (for as long as possible anyways). She didn’t want to go back to a caged life anyways.
I still remember the parting clearly. Toph thought to herself, letting the picture form in her head.

They were flying over a lot of flat terrain; they had just dropped Sokka and Suki off on Kyoshi Island. It was nearing sunset at the time, so Appa was flying a bit slower than usual, and Aang was just lazily directing his animal guide. Toph was doing nothing in particular; just chewing the occasional weed, picking her ear; the usual basically.
“Hey Twinkle Toes,” Toph called, tapping his back to get his attention. “Do you wish that Sugar Queen was here?”
She couldn’t feel Aang’s emotions entirely, but she could tell anyways from his voice.
“No actually,” Aang said truthfully. “I don’t wish that SugarQueen was here.”
Toph raised an eyebrow. No one ever used her nicknames.
“You’re not,” Toph cringed at the thought. “mad at her are you?’
“Look,” Aang said, turning his face towards Toph. “How would YOU feel if the person you loved didn’t love you back?”
Toph crawled carefully onto Appa’s head and sat down next to Aang.
“I already know what that feels like Aang.” Toph whispered softly.
Aang felt mystified as to why Toph said that, as well as why she had called him by his name.
“You do? Who is it?”
“Like I’m going to tell you of all people.”
“I don’t think I understand.”
“Yon DON’T understand,” Toph said, making it a little harsher than she had wanted to. “That’s the problem.”
“Oh just focus on your flying Twinkle Toes,” Toph mumbled. “It’s almost nightfall if you haven’t noticed. Perhaps you should just land in that nice clearing over there.”
“Actually,” Aang said cheerfully, reverting back to what Toph began to dub “his annoying normal self”. “There’s a place just a bit further from here. It’s a closed off forest with lots of earth around and even a small beautiful lake. It’s really nice and peaceful there.”
“Oooh,” Toph said. “I can HARDLY wait.”
“Great,” Aang replied, letting Toph’s sarcasm go right over his head. “Come on Appa, Yip Yip.”

Then night really came, and stars scattered across the night sky. Toph looked up at it, although a little spitefully.
“The stars sure are beautiful tonight. Too bad you can’t see them Toph.” She muttered, recalling the incident with Katara.
She heard Aang unpacking his things, and decided that she wanted to do something before she retired for the night.
“Hey Twinkle Toes,” Toph said nonchalantly. “I’m going to find that lake you were talking about okay?”
“Sure Sifu Toph.” Aang replied.
“Can you stop calling me that Aang?” Toph said exasperated.
“Why,” Aang questioned. “I thought you like being called that.”
“Look,” Toph said annoyed. “First of all, the war’s over so I no longer have to teach you anything, and you mastered earthbending way before that anyways. Second of all, it creates this relationship where we’re only teacher and student, and I don’t want the relationship to exist.”
“Then what relationship DO you want to exist between us?” Aang genuinely asked.
“OH you wouldn’t want it,” Toph said, hiding her eyes from Aang. “Anyways, I’m leaving.”

Toph left, leaving Aang feeling totally bewildered.

A/N- Man, a LOT of text in this chapter. Phew, hope I didn’t bore any one by the lack of any serious dialouge. Okay, I’m going to update as soon as I can. The next chapter will still be about the flashback, so don’t worry about me not continuing where I left off ^^ Plz R & R.
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PostSubject: Re: ATLA FANfiction- No Where is Too Far Toph   Thu Oct 25, 2007 6:44 pm

Chapter 4

Toph felt only trees around her. She had been walking for 20 minutes, and no sign of that lake anywhere.
Maybe Aang messed up again. It wouldn’t be the first time anyways (i.e. the time when the Gaang chose mini-vacations and Aang said it was pristine when it was really just any normal place in the desert).
Suddenly, Toph felt her right foot slide from underneath her, and almost fell forward. Well, she had now found the lake. She also heard a small but steady waterfull pouring into the lake, and despite herself smiled. She sat down on the muddy bank and dipped her feet in. Hm, it wasn’t that deep she had thought.
She got up and trudged a bit deeper. The water level shouldn’t have been higher than her neck. A thought raced through her head, and she gave in. Why not?
She took off her clothes and lay them on a nearby rock. Then she bravely continued deeper into the lake. The water was strangely a pleasant warm temperature; not many natural things came like that. Finally, she felt that she was in the middle of the lake, and then she had let herself feel its beauty. She listened to the soft rushing sound of the water around her, and how it rippled around her when she moved. She felt the warmness all about her,as well as the familiar earthy substance under her feet. Then she discovered something interesting. Fireflies were around her! She reached out her hands and clasped the familiar warmth in her fingers. She giggled as they tickled her fingers.
Toph felt the fireflies tickle her ears and her cheeks.
“Ok ok, I’ll take my headband off.” Toph said, laughing.
She reached to grab the green and yellow headband off. She felt the immense pile of hair fall from her head, landing in the clear water. She had never shown anyone besides Katara what she looked like without putting her hair up, but now she secretly hoped that Aang could see her like this.
“Hey fireflies,” Toph said. “I know this sounds crazy, but can I ask you guys a favor?”
The warmth in her hands grew, and Toph smiled.
“There’s this bald monk,” Toph explained. “with a huge arrow on his head. I want you guys to find him, and lead him here, so that I can show him your beautiful lake. Oh, and if it’s any help, you’ll find him by this huge fluffy bison.”
She released the warmth from her hands, and began combing her hair in the water. After a few minutes, she got back onto the shore and shook herself dry. She then put on her clothes, but let her still damp hair flow down her shoulders. She would ask Aang to dry it in time. Now she just sat there, enjoying the scene and the sound of the lake.
Suddenly, she felt a familiar vibration coming rapidly towards her. Aack, this wouldn’t go as much as well as she had thought.
“Toph! I... Huh?” Aang said as he approached the lake.
He felt his words die in his throat. No way that could be... but there was no one else around. Toph was looking up at the moon (though she didn’t know she was), but all Aang could do was stare at her. He had never known how pretty Toph could look. The silver light of the moon highlighted every strand of hair on Toph’s head, and Aang suddenly felt a warm feeling in his stomach.
“Yes Twinkle Toes?” Toph said softly.
“Wow, you look beautiful.. with your hair down.” Aang blurted out.
Toph then did something she didn’t expect nor did Aang. She started crying. Pale tears streamed down her face, and she suddenly felt really weak, and collasped onto her butt. She didn’t even try to stop the flow of her tears, and knew exactly why they fell (but she still didn’t expect them to fall).
“Toph! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean..” Aang spluttered, absolutely bewildered.


Aang’s eyes widened at Toph’s sudden outburst. “Toph.. I’m-”

“THEN I TRIED TO GO FOR SOKKA, BUT THAT DIDN’T WORK OUT EITHER. AND NO ONE EVER LOOKED AT ME LIKE OTHER GIRLS. I WAS JUST SEEN AS SOMEONE WHO COULD KICK BUTT BUT INCAPABLE OF FEELING LOVE. WHY CAN’T ANYONE LOOK AT ME LIKE A GIRL AND NOT AS A BEST FRIEND?” Toph managed to continuing yelling, despite the tears that were seriously threatening to overpower her. Toph then took her headband and went dutifully to tying up her hair.
Aang watched on horrified, as tears continued to flow down Toph’s cheeks uncontrollably. He never knew, and now guilt bubbled up in his chest. It was the duty of the Avatar to bring peace to the world, and he managed to do that.
Yet he couldn’t bring peace to his best friend for this whole time. Toph now had her hair in a messy bun (because her hair was still wet), and was crying into her knees. Aang was afraid to approach her. He knew how dangerous she could be; if he tried to do something, he might find himself halfway across the world.
"Toph.. I'm really sorry. About everything I put you through." Aang started softly. An apology was always a good start for these kinds of situations. Unfortunately, Toph didn't reply, and stayed rooted on the spot.
"I won't lie to you," Aang continued, trying his best to dish out an apology that would sound genuine yet not stupid at the same time. He knew the penalty for a stupid apology. "I really loved Katara, and I guess that blocked anyone else from coming into the picture. I shouldn't have done that. There were many times where you looked pretty."
Toph finally took her head off her knees and placed a hand on the ground. Twinkle toes wasn't lying.
"And I'll continue being honest," Aang said. "I was really really scared of you at first. I mean, I never told you this but, during the time when Sokka was stuck in hole, he had asked me to call you to help him. And I refused, because in my gut, I felt that you weren't happy with me; that I was a big failure. I couldn't bring myself to see your face."
Toph shook her head. "I knew Twinkle Toes," she said shakingly. "It doesn't take me to actually be there to figure it out. When I was training you with that boulder, you had failed, and I yelled in your face. Katara came to your rescue, and you looked so happy to get away from me. I yelled at myself in my head. I shouldn't have done that to you."
"But it was for my own good. You knew I had to master Earth ASAP, and the only way to do that is to be hard and tough."
"True," Toph said. "But it still doesn't justify my actions. Katara never pushed you so unfairly like I did. Nor did your teacher Monk Gyatso if I recall. He treated you like any teacher should: fair but with respect for your outer life as well. I on the other hand, didn't do that."
Toph then reached for her headband and pulled it off again. Then she looked at Aang.
"I'm sorry Aang for this. I didn't take what you thought and how you felt into consideration. I was looking out for myself only, when I should have looked out for you too."
"What are you talking about Toph?!" Aang said, now really confused. "I should have treated you fairly too."
Toph just sadly continued to stared at him. Aang just wanted to rip away from those sightless eyes that pierced him more than any seeing eyes ever can. "Aang, you have treated me fairly," Toph reasoned. "You've never shown any unnecessary pity towards me nor have you ever considered me incapable of doing what you guys can do. I shouldn't ask for more because that was what I asked for in the first place."
"And you freed me from my hellhole. You became my friend, and because of you many others have too. I shouldn't ask for anymore."
"Wait I-"
"And I've decided that I won't change my feelings towards you, but I won't ask for anything on your behalf unless you yourself decide to give it to me."
Toph then reached for Aang's right arm, and began tying her headband to it.
"Toph, I can't accept this." Aang managed to say.
"Here Aang," Toph said, finishing her work. "I've given you my heart. No one else shall ever have this honour. Think it over well. If you ever decide to return my feelings, only then will I make a move okay?"
Aang couldn't reply. He was lost for words.
"I've also decided," Toph said, breathing in deeply. "That I'm not returning home just yet. I can't. My parents should never know of this, solely because they expect me to give my heart to someone they believe should have it. The Gods may have doomed me by letting me fall in love with you, but so be it. Are there any suggestions as to where I can go?"
"Look Toph, you don't have to do this," Aang said finally. "Your heart is your own, and I don't deserve it. I'm sure you can find someone else."
"You did it yourself didn't you? You gave your heart to Katara didn't you? Your unwielding love for her. Why can't I do the same?"
"I didn't give my heart to Katara."
"Yes you did. It's just that you got it back because she gave it back. That doesn't mean that you didn't give it to her in the first place."
"That still doesn't mean I deserve your heart."
Toph sighed, and decided to do what she had wanted to do for months. She leaned forward and kissed Aang on the lips. She didn't worry about missing or what-not. She just wanted him to know. This didn't contradict what she had said earlier; Aang was just being too damn stubborn, so this was the only she could truly show him.
Aang felt every emotion of Toph in that one small gentle kiss. The pain, the confusion, the elation; everything. He knew she couldn't change her mind. Part of him cried over the fact that she was in so much pain because of him, and how someone could show such undying love towards someone who never cared. The other part of him found the situation ludicrous.
Toph reluctantly broke away (not that Aang was doing anything exciting for it anyways) and just smiled sadly.
"Now will you answer my question Aang? Do you know where I can go?"
Aang figured that there was no stopping Toph from getting an answer. And he didn't want Toph to return home either; he knew how much she resented that prison.
"I think Omashu would be good for you," Aang answered. "I'm sure you'll like that place a lot. Plenty of earth to bend and plenty of adventures waiting to happen."
"Thanks Aang," Toph said softly. "And King Bumi's there too right?"
"Yeah," Aang smiled for the first time since he had found Toph alone near the lake. "I'm sure you can spur with him a little. Both of you being such great earthbenders and all. And I'm sure he'll like to meet the person who taught the Avatar earthbending."
"I'd like that," Toph said, now smiling for real too. "Sounds great. It's not too far is it?"
"Nowhere is too far Toph."


"Nowhere is too far Toph." Toph whispered to herself again. Toph got up and walked out of the house, careful not to wake anyone up. She knew that Aang was probably asleep, but she wanted to find him and Appa anyways.
She found the two behind the house, Aang curling against Appa's fluffy side. She knew Iceila was around somewhere as well.
Seeing Aang earlier brought a lot of happiness to her, but it also brought back years of pained emotions. Did Aang even remember what she had said to him before she left? Did he come up with an answer yet?
But Toph reasoned with herself. I've given up my freedom of choice. It rests with him and him only. I should not pressure him nor interfere in any way.
She walked over to Iceila (who was rather close to Appa) and gently tickled her nose. She groaned a response. Toph smiled and whispered, "Can I sleep with you tonight?". Iceila growled and shifted a bit away from Appa. Toph settled down, and let sleep take her over. Before she completely fell asleep, she felt a familiar warmth fly around her face.
Fireflies. It's nice to see you guys again.
I'ts nice to see you too.

A/N- Hope that wasn't too cheesy for anyone. I really enjoyed writing this chapter. I loved stressing Toph's inner character and showing how powerful love can be. And if you ask, I probably would say I have an obsession with idealizing fireflies. I love their green light, but hell will break loose if they get too close to me. Yes, sweatdrop everyone. I won't mind. Plz R & R.

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ATLA FANfiction- No Where is Too Far Toph
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