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 Angels and Devils- Melody of Jedovia and Satania

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PostSubject: Angels and Devils- Melody of Jedovia and Satania   Tue Mar 06, 2007 11:46 pm

It had been dark outside.
Rika wondered if the palace soldiers were still keeping guard of her doors. She wanted to sneak out.
The moon was summoning her and the wind was calling her. She felt the slight brush on her skin and let the breeze in and out. She couldn't fall asleep. Tomorrow would be her five years old birthday. She would then be officially recognized as a grownup and a citizen of Judovia. She couldn't wait to wave goodbye to the no chocolate or the long periods of boring classes for the average children of her age.
As the princess of the kingdom of angels, she could practically do anything by just telling her commanding her bodyguards or telling her nanny her needs. She had learned that the spells teachers teach won't be of any use.
She couldn't wait to get rid of the childish label saying "Unaviria Angel"; she was no longer a childish twerp; she thought that she was should now be considered to be a lady. She wanted tomorrow to come.
She waited. ..waited... waited....
"ARRRRRR!" she screamed. SHe was too bored. But she didn't want to awake the palace soldiers who had been chasing her around all day, trying to calm her down from her bursting excitement. She wanted to be grownup. She had dreamed of this day for too long. Her wish was about to come true.
Then, why not wait? She had waited all those five years, those five times fifty billion and four thousand days, ( a different measure of time), she could wait for the last three hundred hours, couldn't she?
Ok, may be not... She thought...
Maybe I should utilize my privilege as the princess and a growup one, ( by tomorrow though) so why can't I take a little trip to Earth. I shall grant the human beings their heart desires and make their wishes come true. After all, I am a merry princess, am I not?
And so, Rika changed from her gown into a snow-white outfit that fit her golden shiny hair and sea-blue eyes. ( Angels weren't allowed to wear black, a tainted color, not to mention the princess)
She tied up the extra blankets that were stored in the sub-chamber of her room. She glanced at the window that faced the main hall of the palace, and let the rope of blankets down. Rika climbed down swiftly and reached the ground. She took ginger steps toward the west gate.
Rika:"Akohtag aithoa!!!"
A wind blew up sand into the eyes of the guards who were keeping vigil at the gate. She sneaked out carefully, pleading Mother Evangeline to forgive her; and stepped onto the road that stretched all the way to the horizon.

Rika didn't know by then, that this trip would change her fate, as well as the fate of Jedovia and Satania, and of a person awaiting her on the other end of the path...

To be continued at:

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Angels and Devils- Melody of Jedovia and Satania
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