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 New Story: The Beginning of Theron

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PostSubject: New Story: The Beginning of Theron   Tue Mar 06, 2007 11:38 pm

There was darkness in the universe. Nothing was empty. Nothing was full. Everything seemed real, but yet unreal. It was a space, or maybe not. In the middle of the universe was one and only one thing: an egg.
Its shell was invisible, and thus we could see through. In there sat a child with the hair that resembled the darkness around her; she had the eyes of the color of a raven from our world. She was a beauty, but she laid asleep.
Suddenly, she heard a voice. She knew that voice- a charming voice that attracted her like a magnetic field. She wanted to follow the voice's instruction, but she could vaguely hear it.
" Come.... child.... shall be the.... for I....thou all the world.... called Theron...."
She groped for a way out, and opened the eyes. It was then that the darkness faded; earth and the sky formed; mountains reigned the land, but shared it with the oceans, the seas, the rivers, the deserts, and the plateaus as well.
" From now on.... thou shall... rule this land.... call Evangeline...."

It was then destined that she would become the goddess of the land....
Evangeline...she thought. Maybe that is my name.
Evangeline: " I... I will now be the goddess of Theron. All that walk on this land shall have birth but only if I allow it; all that consume nature can only fill their hearts' desire with my permission; all that breathes, no matter on land or in water, shall be part of my world and therefore, my control and supervision. I shall rule this land and let all the creatures bow in front of me, for I was chosen to be first and the last! I shall stand and see Theron's creation and destruction; I have seen its beginning, thus will remain until its end; Now, let us create a peaceful world of magic and miracle!!!"
Evangeline had then, in a mere minute, the knowledge of 5000 years; she increasingly powerful and invincible; she was beyond a living computer and way beyond humanl.
But she knew by heart, that wherever human beings live (she had created them by imagining them), trouble would follow and so will darkness...
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New Story: The Beginning of Theron
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