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 [Delayed, maybe I'll drop it?]

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PostSubject: [Delayed, maybe I'll drop it?]   Sat Feb 03, 2007 10:48 pm

Uhh, first time actually writing a fictional story that I'll show to other people lols. Still developing the setting and background at the moment. This scene is brief but it sets up some of the characters. The background is still a bit vague but there's more things and conflicts to come on the social and national level in the story. Right now it's still on the personal level. ehh hope it's not too boring ^^;;

The strange language is the elven tongue and they usually indicate spellcasting or commands to magical items/things. Also the names are all in Elven, I hope that's okay...

(They are not elves though, I'll explain that later on)

Comments are welcome, hope you enjoy this small piece. Updates may come randomly whenever I feel inspired to write and have time...

*edit* blah Tab and indenting doesn't work in here >.<

Part 1 - Departure (WIP)

The leaves and pollens dance around the field as the breeze runs through it, brushing the grass and sweeping towards the forest. A woman sitting on a red stallion stands between the breeze and the forest. Her figure is delicate yet dignified. As the wind draws near her, she lightly blows a small purple leaf off her hand.

"Anyml filnyn, aaa eo anira amelw*," She says softly. The leaf suddenly suspends itself in midair and glows red. The breeze immediately stops and turns back, disappearing towards the other end of the field. The woman smiles and looks up at the late afternoon sky as she twirls some of her long black hair around her fingers.

“Mother!” A young man appears on a white horse from the other end where the breeze had gone to. The man is riding fast and got to the woman in less than a minute. He quickly gets off the saddle and bends his knees in the form of a bow.

“I'm s-s-sorry I'm l-late, there were some..,” He turns his face away and catches his breath, “There were some urgent tasks I had to complete before coming here.”

“It's alright Celirill, I'm not too busy today. You can stand up now, no need for formalities. I am not the king, you know?” The woman laughs softly as she says this.

“Mother, where have you been? The townspeople had been looking all over the place for you,” Celirill asks as he stands up and looks at her face.

“It's.. there's been problems between your father and I, it's complicated but when you grow older you'll understand,” She sighs and turns the horse around to face the forest and away from Celirill.

“I called you here to give you something before I leave. Please don't forget me and remember to not become like your father, work hard in your training and try your be...” Her voice starts to crack up slightly as tears well up in her eyes and flow down her cheeks, “Be-best. Please remember that I love you always...”

She turns her head towards Celirill and smiles, “Sila oilana fmelv
yla anevaaniram el anira oyanyma, fyan ylanec aniral calw aeym tyeamamla ane sa ocalair illw fceew
**.” The purple leaf that was still in midair glows bright red again and a silver pendant begins to materialize around it, causing it to drop to the ground.

“Remember to wear this pendant at all times, keep it safe,” As the woman says this, she gives her stallion a quick kick and gallops off into the forest.

“Cel'eile!! Mother!!” Celirill yells after the dimming figure. He looks down at the silver pendant and soon, a few tears escape his eyes. Why are you leaving like this?...

As the sky starts to darken, Celirill composes himself and picks up the pendant. He puts it around his neck and then climbs on his horse.

“Ha!” Celirill gives the horse a kick and gallops off towards the town, lost in his thoughts, confused and dispirited.

*Turn back, eye of the wind
**May fate bring us together in the future, but until then lend your powers to my flesh and blood.

Part 2 - Guardianship (WIP)

To be continued...
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[Delayed, maybe I'll drop it?]
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